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Sync data from anywhere to vector storage.

Connect. Query. Discover. Hyper is the open-source developer toolkit for better LLM interactions with RAG.

Query with RAG on real-time data from databases, APIs, and integrations.

Developers: Connect your data with a few clicks, then start shipping features while Hyper keeps your data synced with vector storage. From setup to enterprise RAG in minutes.

File Hosting
Hyper integrates with Google DriveHyper integrates with DropboxHyper integrates with OneDrive
Object Storage
Hyper integrates with AWS S3Hyper integrates with Google Cloud StorageHyper integrates with Azure Blob Storage
Local Documents
Hyper integrates with WordHyper integrates with ExcelHyper integrates with PDFHyper integrates with ImagesHyper integrates with Audio
Developer Tools
Hyper integrates with GitHubHyper integrates with GitLabHyper integrates with JiraHyper integrates with Confluence
Hyper integrates with PostgresHyper integrates with MongoDBHyper integrates with RedisHyper integrates with Elasticsearch
Sales & Support
Hyper integrates with SalesforceHyper integrates with ZendeskHyper integrates with IntercomHyper integrates with HubSpot
Communication & Collaboration
Hyper integrates with SlackHyper integrates with DiscordHyper integrates with NotionHyper integrates with AirtableHyper integrates with Trello
URLs & Sitemaps
Hyper integrates with WebsiteHyper integrates with Sitemap


Seamlessly switch between GPT-4, Claude, and open source LLMs.

Any Data

Support for Slack, Google Drive, Notion, Airtable and more.

Any Query

Use sophisticated RAG queries to get the right response in milliseconds.


Own your data pipeline at the granular level — use only what you need.


Hyper enables strict access control and redaction for your vectorized data.


Blazing fast RAG queries with caching, indexing, and parallelization.

For developers, by developers.

After a year of experimenting with RAG, we took the hardest parts of working with LLMs and made them simple.

Start Onboarding
Hyper is engineered by former employees of Google and Amazon.

Data Connectors

Ingest and sync your third-party data sources with vector storage.

document storage api

RAG Queries

Execute sophisticated RAG queries with a few lines of code.

search api

Access Control

Easily manage access to your vectorized data.

redaction api

Hyper is proudly open source.

We believe in the power of open source software. Hyper is built on top of open source technology and we are committed to contributing back to the community.

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